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DUST 2 ct strat (pat one)

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DUST 2 ct strat (pat one) Empty DUST 2 ct strat (pat one)

Post by kushman on Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:48 pm

The point of CT team is to stop the terrorist team from succeding in planting the bomb, not to rush them. SO: the first strat of a quite a few im making and its multi part.

Blue and Red are T and CT spawns for those of you retards who don't know.
each color reps a different round a, b, and c.
Light blue is round : A
Yellow is round : B
Green is round : C

The point of these marks is to show where each team member should be in accordance to the plan. It is key that teammates stay relatively close to eachother in order to give proper backup for what happens. Also notice that some spots are "on top of" boxes, in case you dont know this simply means to boost a teammate on top.
As in most cases once an enemy is spotted, the rest of the team needs to be notified as to where the targets are and how many. It cannot be stressed enough that when a teammate calls targets out, that he states how many there are and which way they are headed. Remember that the CT team should not rush into unneeded places and should be defending the bombsites.

****The dust2 picture used is too big for the forum so heres a link to it****

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DUST 2 ct strat (pat one) Empty Re: DUST 2 ct strat (pat one)

Post by Dog on Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:41 am

Saying if the terrorists go B in a group of five and they see the one Ct on B platform, they will grenade him if he hides as he waits for backup, or shoot him easy. While they are attacking the "decoy" CT on platform, the guy on the plantsite needs to loop around the box and hit them from a side angle if possible(If this can be done? It's a gamble). Most likely by now if they havent killed the person on the platform they will go towards the plantsite to get the advantage angle on killing him. Now the guy on the outside near the window should not peek out of the window unless they have a superb aim and can kill at least 2 terrorist. So, by now lets say the guy on the platform and the guy on the plantsite both made a kill but also died aswell. Now the bomb has already planted and lets say the Ct pops out of the window, he gets shot, his movements get slowed due to being stuck in crouch mode, and he dies(according to this strat... Oh and hopefuly he made a couple kills but either way its a 50/50 win for either team now.) Backup already arrived for the CT team and the two rush .... Tunnel? or do they run through the CT spawn in risk of getting awped. who knows. Now, lets say they went tunnel and rush out hard and kill the three terrorists. If this was done fast, then the defuse can be done.

Anyway, I made this guess on a two clan scrim, with both clan equaly skilled. You prolly need to figure out your team mates skills, kush, and use that to your advantage to put the players in the best suitable spots. The platform for instance is a very important spot. If the person at the platform is skilled, he can hold the Terrorists in the B tunnel while the CTs loop around through B tunnel stairs and pick off from the side silently as possible.


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