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Application to join.

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Application to join. Empty Application to join.

Post by z0mbz on Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:26 pm

* What is your real name?
-My real name is Tyler.

* What is your game name?
-My game name is "z0mbz"

* How much time do you spend playing C.S. on a daily basis?
-I spend about 4-5 hours on the week days, don't really play on weekends because of alot of family problems. But when i have freetime im usually inside the enation server/vent.

* Do you have a microphone?
-Yes I do have a microphone. Can be loud sometimes, but it gets the job done.

* How long have you been playing C.S.?
-I have been playing CS for about a month now. (Been playing in the enation server for about a month) But i played CS:S for about 4 years. Played LANS and tourney's for my team, won about 20/25. I played cal-o/im/m/i in the 4 years, and only played invite recently intil cal went down. But im willing to do that with CS now. It's alot more competitive and team based. I'm willing to go as far as anyone in enation will go with me.

* Are you excellent in working with a group or team?
-That's acutally what i was known for. I was strat caller/leader. I make CS a science and i try to study and find out as much as possible. That might be why my team went so far.

* Which weapon in C.S are you most comfortable working with?
-You put a gun in my hands and i'll be happily comfortable with it. But i perfer AWP/M4. I'm working on AWP, but my M4 is decent. I'm sure i'll start liking the AK once i figure out how to shrink my crosshair alittle Very Happy

* What is something you can bring to this clan that is lacking in others?
-I plan on taking eNation to a whole new level. Making sure people know our name. eNation is a good team and if someone wants to make sure this clan takes off with me. Please, PM me.

* What is your reason for joining our clan, eNation?
-EVERYTHING. There's really not one thing i don't like about eNation. As long as someone wants to be as competitive as i am with CS and wants to take eNation to whole new hights. I'm down with anything. I know alot of the members and they're all pretty chill. Just want some guys to hang with. eNation has alot of potential and i want to be with you guys.

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Application to join. Empty Re: Application to join.

Post by NowShootThat on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:04 pm

Good app
We're having some hiccups and problems with the server community lately, but we are trying to fix that problem with our best crew so you can enjoy playing on a good quality server and just have fun. So your tryout will be given late or postpone. Good Luck and Stay CSING.

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Application to join. Empty Re: Application to join.

Post by .:Risto:STE:. on Sat May 02, 2009 3:47 am

i like the app

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Application to join. Empty Re: Application to join.

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