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Post by Sunday on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:32 am

* What is your real name? Justin

* What is your game name? Nes but i often change it to SUNDAY

* How much time do you spend playing C.S. on a daily basis?
3-4 Hours but since its summer i usually play all night till the morning. ha.

* Do you have a microphone?

* How long have you been playing C.S.?
about 2 years.

* Are you excellent in working with a group or team?
I think i'm excellent in both knowing that I have experience with other clans.

* Which weapon in C.S are you most comfortable working with?
ak47 and m4 but sometimes i like to pull out the dualies and mac10 and have some fun.

* What is something you can bring to this clan that is lacking in others?
What i can bring to this clan is a dedicated CS player that can work good with team and also a good friend.

* What is your reason for joining our clan, eNation?
My reason for joining eNation because it seems like a clan i can rely on. The other members in the server are usually coo and pretty chill. eNation also has a pretty dope site and server goin on. lol.

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