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Post by RickyTricky on Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:41 am

What is your real name?
Ricardo Orozco
* What is your game name?
Mr.Lock and Flow -N- Skillz

* How much time do you spend playing C.S. on a daily basis?
depends. usually 2-3 hours a day and depends if im not laggin cus sometimes my fps drop from 90 to 30 and its been hapenning sicne i got this computer

* Do you have a microphone?

* How long have you been playing C.S.?
for about 4-5 years i cant remember (since 1.5 came out) and ive ben in and out

* Are you excellent in working with a group or team?

* Which weapon in C.S are you most comfortable working with?
almost all weps , i use to be pro with awp in the good old times but now my skillz kinda sucks .
* What is something you can bring to this clan that is lacking in others?
A good cooperating player , and a good homeboy
* What is your reason for joining this clan ?
cus my homey bubblez is on it and he owns surfing Smile and i havent been in a clan in a while

PS: srry for my no0b english >.>


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